Thursday, July 31, 2014

Travel Diary: Visiting Bellagio & a Concert

The streets of Bellagio

                                                          The view from the ferry

The prosciutto pizza at Vecchio Borgo.... Mmm!

  A pool floating in the lake at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The front of Villa Carlotta, which is where the concert was held

The lemon ravioli at La Tirlindana

The beef fillet served with roasted potatoes, veggies, and a Gorgonzola sauce

Hi everybody!

I am continuing my travel diary series with some more photos and stories of my time in Lake Como.

If you don't know already, I am obsessed with Lake Como. Everything can put you in awe, from the views to the culture. This specific day that I spent in Lake Como made me fall more in love with it. So, I hopped on a ferry to Bellagio, which is right across the lake. It is known as one of the top places to visit in Lake Como and I totally agree!  Once I arrived, I headed up the little streets full of boutiques and cafes. The quaint streets were filled with tourists strolling around calmly. After walking around, I sat down to eat pizza at the restaurant called Vecchio Borgo. The thin-crust prosciutto pizza was so savory and delicious! After the filling meal, I proceeded to weave my way in out of the streets. Then, it was finally time to head over to the Vivaldi concert that the owner of Casa Stacy, the apartment I was staying at, scheduled for her guests. The  concert was held in the gardens of Villa Carlotta located in Tremezzo. It is a villa overlooking the lake and mountains with plant life (so many beautiful hydrangeas) covering the grounds. The concert included violinists and cellists playing some of Vivaldi's popular songs. This was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I couldn't fully grasp the fact that I was sitting in Northern Italy, outside a villa, watching a classical concert, and being able to turn to my left to view the lake and mountains at sunset. (wow!) I feel extremely blessed to have been able to experience that. After that, I headed on a boat to go to dinner with the owner and some of the other guests at the apartment I stayed at. The restaurant we all went to was called La Tirlindana. If you ever visit Lake Como, I highly recommend you visit this restaurant. The food is fresh, scrumptious, and memorable! The first course consisted of the lemon ravioli (my favorite dish) that melts in your mouth. Coated in lemon and a butter sauce, this mascarpone cheese filled dish is unlike any pasta you have ever tasted. Simply put, it is amazing! The second dish was a beef fillet with Gorgonzola sauce. The meat was great alone, but what made the whole dish was that gorgonzola sauce! After the meal, I headed back to the hotel on a boat ride. While on the boat, I saw fireworks in the distance near Bellagio. What a great ending to a blessed and fun day!

Thank you so much for a reading!

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  1. Oh my word that pizza looks so yummy. I am totally craving pizza right now! Lovely photos. You must have had an amazing trip!

    Lauren xo
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  2. amazing place!!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like an amazing place! That pizza looks delicious!


  4. I want to go there just for the food alone :)

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  5. Wow, I can see why you're obsessed-- the views, the food (lemon ravioli?!?)- so gorgeous!

  6. You are making me so jealous! And the pictures of food are making me so hungry!

  7. Thanks for sharing these beautiful glimpses!! That pizza just made me drool!! Yum!
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  8. Photos worthy of a travel brochure, dear Sofia...thank you so much for sharing them!! Now we know why George Clooney calls Lake Como his second home!! :D