Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beach Day Outfit

A much-needed beach day was in order to commemorate the beginning of summer (although the first day of summer is June 20th lol). Since I knew I wasn't going into the ocean I decided to wear a crop top and shorts. Fave thing about this top: it's supposed to be with matching shorts, but you can pair it with so many other pieces! It also matches the color of that gorgeous sand! 

Look at the detail of those shorts! Such a fun take on the regular jean shorts :)

These sandals are my new faves. I got them in gold/silver, too (I couldn't help it. hee hee). 

Top   |   Shorts (On sale for $34.50!)   |   Sandals (Also in gold/silver!)   |   Bangle (Only $28)   |   Hat (Only $24!)   

Thank you so much for reading!

Stay beautiful,



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