Friday, September 7, 2012

Maximizing Your Maxi Skirt


Hi everybody!

Today I will be featuring my new maxi skirt. I will show you how to style this versatile skirt in three different ways.

First off, I paired my maxi skirt with a bright pink blouse. It is always good to use an eye catching color in your outfits to make the outfit nice to look at. I brought my black clutch to add to the sophistication of the whole outfit. My accessories were gold bangles and my gold Guess watch. The simple black sandals that I wore did not over complicate the look. Lastly, my gold bow earrings gave just the right amount of class to this outfit.
For my second pairing, my captivating piece is my red blazer. I love the jacket because it fits perfectly. A piece of advice, while you are shopping make sure the blazer fits you just the way you want it. If not, buy it and get it tailored because a blazer needs to hug your body not too tight but not too loose. After all, if you are going to spend that much amount of money on it, then it should fit the way you want it to. My big, black, quilt bag gives the look a laid back feel to it.
For my last and final outfit pairing, I chose to wear a yellow t-shirt.I tied it in the front to give it a relaxed and beachy sense.
I hope you enjoyed this segment. Thank you for reading!

Stay beautiful,