Monday, October 8, 2012

Paris On My Mind

Below are two photos of the Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower that were taken from  my trip to Paris. They are shown on my blouse.

                             Top: Cozy Casual (Ross recent) Skirt: H&M (similar ),  Shoes: Zara,
                            Ring: (Ross recent),  leather braided bracelet (a gift from Spain), Earrings: vintage

Hi everybody!

I have been thinking back of my fond memories of Paris this summer. The lights, the architecture, and the French people captivated me.
To satisfy my longing for Paris, I bought this beautiful shirt. As the Notre Dame is set in the middle, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the corner, The famous scenes from Paris makes this blouse original and wonderful to look at.
I paired this with my black mini skirt that is edgy and fun. I especially love the zippers. When I want to put my hands in my pocket I simply unzip. This I find quite unique and very fierce.  My black Zara heels help to complete the look.
My accessories were gold just like the two zippers on the front of the skirt. My leather and suede braided bracelet that I wore was given to me by my grandfather when he went to Spain. It is absolutely gorgeous. The brown suede intertwines with the gold to make a nice bracelet. Lastly, my new gold ring is bold and I absolutely love it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Stay beautiful,


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  1. I NEED this shirt. I also went to Paris this summer and I loved it.

    Anything to remind me of the great time I had.

    Great styling!