Friday, November 2, 2012

Sequins and Jeans

                            Top: Michael Kors   Jeans: Abercrombie   Shoes: Zara   Bracelet: Tj Maxx  

Hi everybody!

Happy Friday!

My gold sequined shirt is perfect for a night out. The liveliness and fun that the sequins give off is great. The best thing about this blouse: it isn't too in your face. There's something about Michael Kors' outfits that make them all elegant, including this beautiful shirt. The sparkle is just right.

My white pants help the bottom half of me to stay simple yet sleek. Also, my black Zara shoes keep the elegance going from my top to my shoes.

My accessories consist of my pyramid bracelet and diamond earrings that just add a little bit of sparkle for my arm and ears.

This simple but stunning look focuses in on the shine of my gold sequined blouse. It's the perfect party outfit.

Stay beautiful,



  1. I love your style. I look forward to seeing your blog everyday. I love getting ideas fom you.

    Fashion girl

  2. Great post! Love your outfit!

    Check out my blog and if you like it maybe we can follow eachother on Google or Bloglovin.